Frequently Asked Questions

How should I supply my photo?

Your photograph is important, take some time to ensure this is correct.

For the best result, the photo should be a head and shoulders shot, with a fairly neutral background.

You can use the camera on your iPhone or Android. Make sure you have a the best resolution setting and when sending to your computer, send as ‘actual size’.

Ideally your photo should be a square with you at the center of the image ensure there is clear space above and around your head – see example below.

Don’t worry if you cant provide a square image, there are positioning tools in the artwork software that allow you to move your photo to position correctly.

Ideally your photo should be no smaller than 1000px by 1000px.

Be aware that social media channels compress photos so refrain from using images directly from these channels.

Example Photo
Example Photo

Where do I create an account?

Start by going to the account creation page. You will find this in the main menu on the right “Log in/Register”.

Then go to the section at the bottom of the page called “New user. Create an account” and click “Register”.

The grey question mark icons will give you useful tips when you hover over them with your cursor.

Please ensure your billing / delivery address is accurate and correct.

What details do I need to have ready?

Before starting you should have the following details ready…

  • Your Market Centre name
  • Your Market Centre address
  • Your profile photo (this will be required for some templates)
  • Your personal / business details
  • Your social media account addresses
  • Your personal bio

I need bespoke artwork, who do I contact?

You can contact the stationery store directly, either by calling on 01787 473 635 or email us here

A member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you accordingly.

Bespoke artwork starts from £30 an hour

I have placed an order but made a mistake. What should I do?

It is very important that you check your print product thoroughly before placing your order.

Orders are checked by the stationery store team for quality assurance
but they cannot be held accountable for inaccurate details or typos.

If you have any concerns call 01787 473 635

How do I change the colour of my signboard template?

When editing your sign board artwork template you will notice a red button in the navigation bar called “Layouts”

Layout example

Here you can select a variety of colour palette options. Choose you option and populate your template.

My name is to long, what should I do?

We will gladly help you with this problem, contact us on 01787 473 635 or email us here. You can be assured of a quick response.

What is the reset button?

The reset button when selected will refresh the template you are working on to the default text. This effectively allows you to start again.